Robert L Devereaux, PHD

Current Practice Location

Dr. Devereaux has been helping people find peace, stability, and confidence in their lives even before completing his graduate studies in clinical psychology in 2012. He has worked in both the private and public sectors in a host of settings including universities, hospitals, private clinics, and even jails. 

Dr. Devereaux approaches therapy from a values-based perspective, guiding his clients to investigate and solidify their core values and work toward rebuilding their lives around these beliefs. He has an easygoing, warm demeanor and enjoys working with both adults and older adolescents. He has training and extensive experience working with most mental health issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and relationship problems. His background in integrated healthcare settings has prepared him well to work with the “whole person,” who has physical, emotional, and social needs.  He has a strong value for family connections and transitioned from Dallas to Knoxville in 2018 to be closer to his loved ones. He maintains a deep passion serving others both professionally and personally. 

Ted W. Jones, Ph.D.

Current Practice Location

Dr. Jones, a Psychologist, is a Knoxville native. He attended Earlham College in Richmond. He had a brief stint in Boston University School of Law before deciding on a psychology career. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 1981 with a PhD. in clinical psychology. He worked in a variety of positions at local mental health centers and later spent six years working full-time at the University of Tennessee Medical Center’s substance abuse treatment program. He entered private practice in 1996 and soon after began specializing in pain management and evaluation of addiction risk. He joined Behavioral Medicine Institute and has been in an on-site office at Pain Consultants of East Tennessee full time since 2000. He has presented professional programs locally and regionally and has collaborated with staff at Pain Consultants on several professional papers. He is considered the area’s leading psychological expert on pain-addiction issues and was named 2013’s Clinical Pain Educator of the Year by the American Society of Pain Educators (ASPE).

Laura Stockdale, PH.D.

Dr. Stockdale is a licensed Counseling Psychologist with Behavioral Medicine Institute, providing on-site consultation for Pain Consultants of East Tennessee. In addition to her PhD in Counseling Psychology, she holds both BSN and MSN degrees from the University of Tennessee College of Nursing in Memphis, TN. Her doctoral research, which she completed in 1989, was the first of its kind measuring the effects of relaxation training in internal defibrillator patients. Nationally, she was one of the first Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialists to provide crisis intervention, counseling, and grief work in an ICU setting. Her development of this role was featured in an American Journal of Nursing documentary in 1986. She is a former member of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine. Additionally, she is published in multiple nursing journals, including Heart and Lung. Because of her unique clinical experiences, she has been a featured speaker at the local, regional, and national level. Her focus has always been practical coping skills, patient education, and using the mind-body connection to help each patient reach his or her full potential. At PCET, she provides addiction-risk assessments and individual counseling to help the patients cope more effectively with chronic pain.